Wood Grillers

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Wood Grillers (By RediFlame) are 100% All Natural, Recycled, Hardwood Fire Log Briquettes - Ideal for Wood Fires and BBQ Grilling.

Contains: One 6lb bag of Wood Grillers and 2 natural fire starters.

  • SUPERIOR BURNING POWER - Boasting all-natural properties and an exclusive manufacturing process, our densely pressed briquettes offer superior heating. You get a strong fire that's perfect for grilling!

  • A CLEANER, MORE GREEN OPTION - Unlike charcoal, our wood cooking grillers do not release harmful chemicals. They’re made from 100% natural fiber left behind by the lumber industry.

  • DELIGHTFUL SMOKY TASTE - There’s nothing like prime hardwood to enhance the flavor of grilled food. Wood Grillers have a natural hickory flavor that gives your meat a rich taste.

  • EFFICIENT FUEL - These disk-like pellets for wood fires and grilling guarantee easy starting--no chemical fuel needed! The bag includes fire starters, so no wet or windy conditions can get in your way.

  • PACKED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - Made in the USA, pellets are packed with care in a six-pound resealable bag that has a heavy-duty handle. This package keeps moisture out.