Fiber Flame Pit Kit

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The Pit Kit (By Tree of the Field) is a convenient, biodegradable box containing all green materials for building camp fires and spitfires. Fiber Flame logs are made from an annually renewable crop grown on the hillsides of Eastern Kentucky. 

Every component and step used for the Pit Kit is green. The contents are outside of fire wood moving regulations and there are no chemicals added to the fire fuel. No tree is cut to produce the Pit Kit.

The Pit Kit includes: 

  • Four full pieces (and six smaller pieces) of patented Fiber Fuel logs. These burn longer and hotter than traditional firewood.
  • Recycled cardboard box for easy transportation and additonal kindling.
  • Tree of the Field matches.
  • Fatwood sticks for quicker fire startup.
  • Soakable hickory strips for a steamy hickory smell
  • Skeeterlog® embedded with eight essential oils to keep flying pests away from your fire.


Pitkit commercial from jake degler on Vimeo.