True Patriot Skeeterlog® Steel Chimney Kit

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American made Skeeterlog® Steel Chimney (by RediFlame) is designed to burn Skeeterlog®, an all-natural mosquito repellant. Skeeterlog® is made with 8 essential oils that have been proven to safely repel mosquitos and other flying insects.

Kit contains: 1 Skeeterlog® Steel Chimney, 2 Skeeterlogs® (2 air core technology logs), & 3 fire starters.

Chimney Features:

  • Made of industrial steel (dark charcoal gray) that can be used year after year; a long-lasting piece to add to your outdoor living space.
  • Tall, sturdy, chimney design facilitates the rise and dispersal of Skeeterlog® smoke, as desired.
  • Proprietary floor grate system for smooth combustion
  • Laser cut door venting design that invites air through the chimney for a consistent plume of smoke.
  • The swivel front access door allows for easy removal of ashes.
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14'' H x 8'' W x 8'' D

About Skeeterlog®:

  • All-natural, recycled wood product: nontoxic, nonhazardous, and biodegradable
  • Convenient 8″ x  2″ logs fit in the chimney and fire pits
  • Infused with eight different natural oils, including lemongrass, geranium, cinnamon, citronella, citrus, thyme, peppermint, and rosemary
  • This kit includes 2 Air Core Technology Skeeterlogs, specially designed to rest on the steel pin of the steel chimney.
  • Each log smolders for up to 6 hours


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